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What a experience!!

Oct 24, 2014 by AndrĂ© Botelho

I joined the shard without any expectations, running around to start knowing the server WHEN SUDDENLY A TALKING SQUIRREL APPEARS AND SELF-PROCLAIM KING! Leading me to a funny let-me-introduce-you-the-shard quest. It was an exiting experience to know that the staff are really willing to entertain and play.

Thumbs up!!

So much nostalgia!

Oct 06, 2014 by Kempis

I am not hesitant for even a moment to say that this is hands down the best UO experience I've ever had. UO is a game for which I am perpetually nostalgic...there was just something about its style of play that was exactly what I needed in a game. But for years, that's been gone.

Well, here comes UO Roleplay. It has everything you'd care to have in a game: all of the updated skills, custom server quests, a friendly player base many of whom are established and willing to help newcomers, a growing guild for helping new players strike out on their own, many lands to explore, TONS of open space where houses can be built, and a courteous and friendly GM staff.

If you join on, look me up. I go by Kempis which is my crafter main...he makes just about everything!


Nov 09, 2013 by Izobella

The reason I have stuck around so long is due to the freedom UO Roleplay offers a player. Weary of other "RP" shards who make you play by their race/class rules, I stumbled upon this shard and found it offering players a chance to create their own version of the old race/class duality. That's right, there are no silly player-manager types running around making sure you play your tiefling or vampire like "they" expect you to. This shard offers you the simplicity of pure freedom. Saying that makes me want to stop writing and go roll up a dark paladin using the paladin template...bwahahahah.

Looking for a Roleplay Shard?

Nov 02, 2013 by Fenrir

Are you looking for a Roleplay Server that actually promotes roleplay? Are you tired of Roleplay Servers that require you to fill out the mother-of-all-application forms in order for you to be able to join? Do you hate being confined to a cookie cutter class system that restricts you from taking the skills you desire?

This is the Roleplay Shard for you, hands down!

UO Roleplay has several races and classes at your disposal, each slated to give their own minor, non-gamebreaking bonuses as well as racial language that you can use to enhance your roleplay. Your choice of race and class do not restrict you in any way! Want to be a Hobbit Warrior? You can do that.. want to be a Elven Necromancer? You can do that too! What about the Master of All Crafts in the known world that knows how to fisticuffs?!.. yeah.. you can do that too.

The only downside is that I feel roleplay can be too centralized on a specific group of players at times, but shard staff are quick to correct this and involve even new players in the action!

If you forge ahead and take the initiative into your own hands.. you can be whatever you desire- and who knows? Perhaps you'll surprise even yourself with how much your character evolves.

The possibilities are endless.. it is up to you to pursue them.

Great RP!

Nov 01, 2013 by Astra Vandoras

I'm a very RP motivated person. I love how the GMs are involved in making the world vibrant and interesting. Some places seem to leave things fully to the players and that's a lot of pressure on the few who are willing to lead and get involved, and often times RP becomes static and routine, and eventually boring - or can go the other way into "god-moding" and being forced. Other places the GMs are so involved in forcing RP on players that you feel pressured and manipulated - railroaded into situations and decisions. Here, they have just the right amount of involvement, and the world flows between player creation and staff creation. It's lovely.

For those that don't play to RP, the server is a mixed bag - and no one is obliged. I see plenty of players running about who are into their own thing, be it taming, hunting, crafting, whatever. The options inside of the "UO box" are tremendous.

I also love how there are so many items available for clothing, weapons, decoration, food, crafting, etc. etc. That also helps players to create more personalized characters and environments.

As for both staff and players, there's a good feel and flow here. Sure, there's bumps in the road, and ebbs and flows, but that happens anywhere you go. However, in general, this server has a really good chemistry going on! People really work hard together, and to help one another - both staff and players.

The Best Server Ever

Oct 31, 2013 by Ren

This is far the best server I have ever been on, from the custom content, to the great staff always willing to help, and the friendly players. There is always something going on, from players stories to the staff getting in on the story lines, it is always interesting and fun.

Best Current RP Shard I Know Of.

Oct 31, 2013 by Tra'Wyn Ap Don

UOroleplay is a unique experience like none other to be found online. On UORP you can play any race/class imaginable with a 24/7 strong supportive staff. As a non-staff member (player only) these are the pros and cons from my point of view:
* 24/7 staff
* chatroom with embedded chat-to-game technology.
* Caring competent players that are willing to help you
* No noobs begging for things in game
* Dedicated RPers and storyboarders with a daily updated Forums for player and staff stories
* Awesome playerbase from all over the world (Brittain, USA, Asia, China, Japan, and more!)
* Like all RP servers the occasional sexual RP is present in game at times (rarely)
* It is often difficult to tell players from NPCs in game to be able to find active RP
* There are few people to RP with overnights for those of us who are insomniac.
Summary: I belive this is currently the most inclusive best RP shard out there currently.

Recommend the server!

Oct 31, 2013 by Nockar

This is really a great server! Supper nice players and very friendly staff! I have been really impressed with the amount of custom content they have. I really would recommend this server.

Excellent Staff

Oct 31, 2013 by Eve

I love how active the staff here is at helping players out, not only with problems but also engaging them and making things more interesting. For people who aren't as experienced in rp but willing to give it a go, this shard promotes learning in a safe welcoming environment.

Exciting RP

Oct 31, 2013 by Mauzen

When I first got on this shard. I couldn't believe just how different it was. Within days I found myself deeply involved in the roleplay. The group is fun and everyone is pretty friendly. If you join us, look for me in the chat. I am always willing to help.

UO Roleplay , USA 5.0 5.0 10 10 I joined the shard without any expectations, running around to start knowing the server WHEN SUDDENLY A TALKING SQUIRREL APPEARS AND SELF-PROCLAIM KING! Leading me to a funny let-m