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A Sudden Addition to the Library

By arzosha | September 3, 2015

Stored in what looked to be a hollowed out bone of some animal were three pieces of Paper, yellow with age.

The First sheet was in Druid Script, that seemed to be untranslatable. The Second Sheet held the Translation from the First from Druid Script to Simple Common
The Last was in common as well and was a Report.

Wild Mage or Wild Magic and how to not get stuck as a tree for eternity.

If you are Reading This Young Magus you have been found with the Goddess’s Gift, and Will awaken someday soon as a Wild Magus but There is a few things you need to learn before you choose this Exalted path. As you young ones know not many ever reach Wild Magus status and that is because of the Power given itself.

First because of the Breeding everyone has all the gifts making it potent.

You Must learn Control of your thoughts, Emotions and Intent. The Magic feeds of all Three

Many a young Apprentice who did not have Control when trying out the magic would disappear in the long past only to be found days to years later as a Tree or animal unable to be shifted or shift back having been swallowed by the Magic and the Form they took forgetting themselves.

Others would try to cast a spell, but because of there thoughts or emotions, the Spell would go wrong, To Strong or Weak or a different spell entirely. Emotion carry’s a heavy effect, a Heal with hatred behind it will harm not heal

You Will gain the power to become Animals, to become all that Draws n Life itself, Plant or Beast, to command all things to do as you Wish but you can be controlled just as easy if you are not careful and treat this gift as precious.

So Children unless you have the Will to control yourselves and the very fabric of the natural World while still bending as the Willow does to strong wind you Will be destroyed. Any that wishes to back out, your Power will be sealed forever and you will be sent to learn normal Magic.

The Wild Magus Clan
There Start and Fall
Magus Elinter Thryn

The Origins of the Wild Clan is hard to say historically but Legends spoke of a small Clan being chased from one land to the next. It is said that the Head of the Clan and one other called on the Gods and Goddess
There cries heard but not as they expected, with in the Clan Six children played together, a man and women appeared and asked then something. The Answer given and for it each child a gift. Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Plant, and Animal.
The Children When they grew old enough all married and as the generations passed the entire clan became fused with all the powers together, though the ability to wield it was something else.

The Power was of Nature Itself All Life from a simple Ant to the Tallest Tree to even the Ground, Water and Air. Wild untouchable Magic that This clan alone could deal with, but it is said many Daughters and Sons were lost to the Magic at first for it was said it could control as much as be Controlled.

It's Use was Innate no real training was ever needed except that of Control and flexibility in thinking and ones Will.

The Druidic Writing associated with the Clan was a rare form only they used I am guessing it is the Pure version before time and integration corrupted it to what we know now. I found a old Primer to make my Translations that was lost a year after I was done, and sadly the Clan itself was destroyed in a raid by Under-Elf's.
The Clan was attacked constantly by the darker skinned race because of there magic I am guessing, for no other Clans have ever suffered so many raids as that single one in all Elfin history.

Those of us that Investigated the Massacre Believe no One survived or if they did, death or Slavery is what happened. On a small note One Priestess we did find dead and rumor a year past had marked as Harmed in the last raid done, showed signs of having Birthed not that many hours before her death. Her body was found half way between the Camp and a Wolf Den, stabbed though the stomach and heart by Under-Elf weapon. There was Also set back from the Camp a Runic Circle were the Head Magus was found dead. Sadly the Runes were too smeared and scuffed to see what had been or was trying to be cast, I can say it looked to be a Powerful Spell though.

Your Faithful Servant Your Holy Emperor

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By Talow | September 2, 2015

Added "Artifact Rarity" to display on artifact weapons and armor. This should help with understanding of what items are, or are not artifacts.

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The concerned citizens of Narrowhaven

By Orochi | August 27, 2015

Last evening, Grizlan, the Viper Clan's contracted blacksmith, rushed in to the bank as he usually does. Unloading his day's work into his vault, he glanced around the bank, checking for pickpockets. Afterall, if he lost any of his ingots, Master Orochi would cut his pay. Something unusual was in the air, though. He sensed a certain tension in the air as several shrouded figures were entering the bank and leaving at regular intervals. In the past few days, he had noticed more of them. He never trusted elves, and especially not the ones from the underdark.

What are these dark skinned elves up to? he thought to himself, going about his business with the dutiful bank warden.

As he left the bank to get something to eat from the tavern, a drow moved under the lamp post, staring him down.
"Can I help you, dark one?" he said to the figure
"Soon... you surfacers will bow to our will." the figure replied
With a scoff, the blacksmith walks slowly, laughing the threat off. "Good luck, laddy."

After his repast, he returned to the clan enclave to leave his invoice with the guild. Orochi, who was normally washing gargoyle blood off his armor, was kneeling in the main hall, looking over the ancient scroll which usually hangs on the wall at the back of the assembly hall.

"Oh, hello sir, I did not expect you to be upstairs. I have your bill, I'll just leave it on the desk."
Orochi looks up slowly, hearing a tremble in the usually stoic blacksmith's voice. "What did you see?" the serpentine tiefling asks.
"Uhm... well, there has a lot of those uh... drow in town lately. More than usual, sir."
"I've had reports from our scouts that they are mobilizing for something. They've spent more time engaging in war games and less time indulging themselves in their usual hedonistic activities."
The smith took a swig from his flask, rolling his eyes. Oh great, just when I find a steady job.

Grizlan turned and left, forgoing goodbyes, as was usual amongst the Vipers. "Well, atleast a war will mean a better market for arms" the smith chuckled to himself, heading back to his quarters.

Meanwhile, Orochi rose and went to the roof. He attached small rolls of paper to several birds. Carrier pigeons. They knew where to go. And soon, so would the agents of the Viper Clan. War, to them, is a business... and the early bird always gets the biggest worm.

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Bank Run (a usual day for a Vel)

By Bella Morta | August 27, 2015

The man's eyes chisled into her like ice picks. At that moment, she knew there was no amount of talking she could do.
He was not swayed by her appeasing smile and willingness to be kind to a misplaced, misunderstood man.
This made her uncomfortable, and a bit of fear burbled up her spine. She closed her bankbox, and slid it back to the banker, with a small note attached. The banker has done her plenty of favors in the past, and this one he'll do as well.
"Seeking a guard to defend me to the death." the note stated.

Not long after she left the bank, in quite a rush at that, she bumped into a scraggly elven man who nervously approached her. His clothes were torn and hair was a frizzled mess. "M...Miss Vel?" he asked.
"Ackh! Look at you! Let me help!" she replied, and swiftly took him to a clothier to make him more presentable. Old habits die hard.
While dressing, he stated to her that his blade was hers. Apparently word travels quick! It's only right, as she has defended the banker's pride many times in the past. She is owed.

"Good! But you'll need a belt, and do something with that hair!" she growls. She was used to taking the outcasts of society and dressing them up for her employment. Now that she fired her right hand man Tully, she will need another to walk in his place. And the only thing that would make him remotely trustworthy is if he looked more noble...a tip she's learned that works. "I must rest, you can stay at the inn tonight. My need for you will come the morrow."

"Yes, Miss Vel." the elven man replied. Not wasting time, he went right away to create a pleasing appearance for her.

Looking over her shoulder, she proceeded back to her Varstaad Mansion. She locked all the doors securely, and proceeded to her dining hall. Stopping herself in her tracks, she now realized something. Would she have to bring her guard to the wedding? What would Jorge think? She would have to come up with some ellaborate explanation if that time came. Who knows, by then, she may no longer be in need of a cut-throat. Anyway, her reasons for having one could be labeled as paranoia. And she can't have such a title slapped on her reputation.

Kairi pulls open her wardrobe and throws on a silken nightgown. She blows out the candles that light her bedroom, and pulls herself into bed. Resting her head against her pillow, she unsuccessfully attempts to dream. Instead, a million possible stories run through her head, a million possible explanations, for everything. It's always good to be prepared for the next question. Time to hide, again.

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8/26/2015 minor fixes.

By Talow | August 26, 2015

House doors and keys
Emote faint - you stay down until you move
Emote lay down - soundless version of faint.
others stuff for specific staff uses.

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Feast for the mother

By Rovine | August 22, 2015

Rules are made to be broken
Therefore Lloth has no rule
She already rules

Many souls, buried away six feet under, are rich in memories and knowledge of the past. Necormancers know this well, so do the children of Fear itself, who live alongside the entrance towards hell.

Iimylene - a maiden of soul harvest, a servant to a deity of Fear - held no expectation from this new heat space, for not having its own version of an Underdark. If no Underdark, there must be its own version of hell, dungeon, tomb, an underground world, where the plateaus of earth separate any realms between a world that sunlight can reach, and a world that darkness must hide. She must find this universal constant here, before her meaning of existence as a drow, melts away in the sunlight.

Despite her universal belief, there is something different in the new heat space. For instance, demonic offsprings walk among the central town of peace, living a normal mortal life among mortals. This Rivvan and half-demon, half-Rivvan friend, approached Iimylene just after she covered a dirt hole in front of the Black Market.

"Hey look, what's happening there...?" The Rivvan spoke, with smell of ale from ten steps away. The demonic Rivvan was more drunk than the Rivvan, and was easier to distract with more alcohol.

"Good to see you again. Fancy more drinks?" Iimylene produced a bottle of cheap wine, emphasising its cheap quality, and yet it was enough to divert their attention.

"Got any dice? This would be the perfect time for some dice game." The demonic Rivvan slurred.

"If you can locate the Underdark, where I came from, you can find a hundred-sided die."

"Really? We must go there. Would you have weed there too?" The slightly smarter Rivvan questioned.

"Of course, but you know there's a herbalist in Narrowhaven who can help you out with that right?" Iimylene pointed southwest. "In fact, if you think the local herbalist's stock does not give you enough 'oomph'... There's much better stuff to be found just outside the west walls. I'll take you there."

"Well what are we waiting for!"

They moved all the way from Black Market to the herbalist hut in west Narrowhaven, where Iimylene parted and left them to their fate with the whipping vines outside.

Outside Black Market, when no one was around, something narrow and bony disturbed the soil. What seemed like fingers swiftly clawed its way from the bottom, grabbed an item that was only shallowly buried on the surface, then sunk back into the depths along with the buried item.

Nothing happened here then, or to Iimylene, she might have to wait some more days to find her alternate home.

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The return

By Lancelyn | August 21, 2015

Lance stepped out onto the grass outside his fort and looked out over the sea. Much had happened in the time he had been gone, many of his friends had vanished, his wife included. He sighed to himself, as he could feel the darkness inside him taking over, he was slowly slipping, and he knew it. After several moments more of staring out to sea, he put his helmet on saying to himself, "I guess I better start searching...."

It was that afternoon when he recalled into Narrowhaven, the town seemed on edge about something as he looked around the town through his helmet. As he walked towards the bank he saw in the distance a familiar person, Kairi Vel. As he walked past her she gasped and said "Lance? is that really you?". Turning his head to face her, "It is indeed, my journey is over". She replied saying, "Many had though you dead, but I knew you would return. Right in time too, there has been orcs sighted sailing towards Narrowhaven." Turning to face her , "I will be prepared". "I have things that require my attention, so I will leave you to prepare, it was good seeing you Lance", she replied as she turned and walked away. He sighed as he walked towards the bank, thinking to himself, One last time.... As he was putting some things in his bank box, he heard a guardsman cry "Orcs at the docks! To Arms!", hurriedly he handed his bank box to Warner and ran out the door running towards the dock, fading into the shadows as he uttered a cloaking spell.
Upon reaching the docks, he noticed several familiar faces among the defenders, namely Engale Strace, and Jade Nightblade. Quietly he unfolded his spear and walked slowly to join the defenders as the orcs landed...

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[8/15/2015] Server Update

By TheGuy | August 15, 2015

- Added back gold doubloon swap at quest point vendor
- Added back powder of Fortifying to craft vendor & quest point vendor
- Added back remaining runic crafting tools
- Modified PlagueBeast, PlagueBeastLord, InterredGrizzle
- Add loot & more loot to PlagueBeastLord, InterredGrizzle
- Midfield all lesser bosses: Harder, better loot, fixed problem with them not doping arti's etc, using new arti drop code
- Create BossLesser.cs

Note: Updates on next server restart...

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8/12/15 ItemID update

By Talow | August 12, 2015

Added looping for packs inside pack. This means all items will get IDed. This still requires above 100 in ItemID to use. Just stream lines the IDing your items if you invest the time to work the skill.

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Network Downtime

By TheGuy | August 11, 2015

We will be replacing a peace of networking equipment. The server will still be running but the internet connection to the server will be DOWN.
No one will be able to connect to the server until the internet connection if fixed.

Estimated down time: 30 Minuets to 1 hour.

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