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By Talow | October 21, 2015

Party Fix(s)

The issues with party should now be resolved. The way party invites is simple:

Person invites another person to party with /add or the add to party context menu. This forms a party and the person that did the invite is the leader.
Everyone in the party may invite others to the party (if they are not in party) with the /add or the context menu. If the inviter is not the party leader then they are suggesting to add another member to the party. This will bring a confirmation to the leader of the party, if the leader agrees then they can accept and it will then ask the expectant person if they want to join your party.

If you are already the leader there is no change.

This will prevent multi parties that causes so many glitches inside of parties.

both /add and the context menu should have the same checks now (except for LOS is likely still in the /add section and not in the context menu option).

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Lancelynn & Thronna’s Wedding

By Ren | October 5, 2015

Sept. 25, 2015

Getting some brotherly advice before the wedding...

Engale Strace:
I will tell you the same thing I told him.
While you strive to make him happy in your relationship..
Do not lose yourself to his happiness.

Thronna Strace: I will not, but seeing him happy makes me happy as does seeing
you with sissy.


Malacostus: Welcome friends!
We have gathered here to witness the joining of Lancelynn to Thronna, in this blessed union of
The word is the Beginning - The Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence of Things Not Seen,
A union between the two, situated as it is on the beach of the world - storms and buffets touch.

They were wedded, the essential unity forever honoring the link of life.
The backward movement of the internal world comes nearest to the mysteries falling among the yea,
the equinox that begins to change the world.

The sum total is the length of one when the night is dissolved...
grasping the power from an ancient world speaking of forces that discovered or invented the human
nature not clearly understood.

The influence of the time governs the universe, love becomes the paradise of the world - the
ancient reason equal to one ordinary Spring - remembered by people who have lent their names to
the world, one from the other.

Lancelynn Vendala: Sound, touch, sight, taste and smell, the component parts of this visible world, Are but properties
composed of the Darkness and Joy that is inseparable from the fire that creates two from the spaces
intervening between the middle of desire..

Thronna Strace: The heart reflects forever, resting on a fragment of separate and whole, flesh and blood on the stage
of life.

Malacostus: This, the connecting link, is the only way - entirely conspicuous and always visible.... as so many
Lights, like stars percieved as so many Angels.

Joy is the seat of nourishment - attraction nearer and nearer, bodies adorned with each other - the
other door of the interior where the voice and the body, like names of different rivers, become
absorbed in the stream of the sound of the world.

The impossible necessities of the human heart, they are thus contented.

Lancelynn Vendala: Courage is the gift of love, to keep in our hearts on, in a gallery of faces.

Thronna Strace: A sentinel of the nourishment we find, closely, side by side.

Malacostus: Please both take each other by the hand.

Lancelynn Vendala: *holds her hand*

Thronna Strace: *takes Lance's hand*

Malacostus: The hand you offer each other is an extention of thyself in thy Mutual Love.

Cherish that touch now and forever.

Lancelynn, will you place the ring on Thronna's hand and repeat after me these words:

Lancelynn Vendala: *puts the ring on her finger*

Malacostus: With this ring, I thee wed.

Lancelynn Vendala: With this ring, I thee wed.

Malacostus: Thronna will you place the ring on Lancelynn's hand and repeat these words:
With this ring, I thee wed.

Thronna Strace: *puts the ring on Lance's finger*
With this ring, I thee wed.

Malacostus: *clears throat*
Now by the powers committed me, and by the laws of Britannia...
*takes a big breath*
I now pronounce that Lancelynn and Thronna are husband and wife.

Go now, and revel in the power of being a couple.

Trust and rely upon each other, and let nothing part thee.

Lancelynn you may now kiss your bride!

Lancelynn Vendala: *takes her in his arms and kisses her*

Thronna Strace: *puts her arms around him and kisses*

Lancelynn Vendala: *whispers to Thronna*

Thronna Strace: *smiles and nods*

Malacostus: *looks around*

Lancelynn Vendala:
*turns to face the crowd*

Thronna Strace: *giggles softly and whispers*

Engale Strace: *smiles happily*

Lancelynn Vendala: *nods*

Lancelynn Vendala: We would like to thank everyone for coming.
The reception is being held in the structure to the south west.

Thronna Strace: *smiles softly*

Lanclynn Vendala: There is food and refreshment there

Kairi Vel: *nods*

Engale Strace: The way we chose to live or lives

Kairi Vel: Engale's getting poetic.

Engale Strace: is the way we chose to die in the end. Never to be alone
on the journey is what we strive for.


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The Disgruntled Miner

By Elzebet | September 22, 2015

A lone dwarven miner collapsed breathless at the feet of a wandering healer. On the dwarf's shoulder, the gash from the claw of a black dragon threatened to become a mortal wound. "Help"... the dwarf cried out weakly before passing out from blood-loss at the healer's feet.

The rich cave had been the dwarf's livelihood, it's depths full of rare ores, and precious gems. Yet something had been wrong for some time....a strange stone archway had been built at one end of the cave. The dwarf had witnessed over many days the comings and goings of odd folk and overheard murmurs in the darkness about someone called Darkseid, magic, and a ladylove. There were also Ophidians who camped in the caverns southern chambers; their slithering, skanky, scaly bodies hoarding the valuable ore and driving off honest miners.. The dwarf had known trouble was coming but now the cave was infested with vile demons and dragons.

The healer knelt down and bound the dwarf's wounds. Sometime later the dwarf awoke and made the long journey to Narrowhaven. The dwarf, was determined to put an end to this nonsense and to drive out the black dragon, and other despicable creatures. The dwarf red-faced and furious began ranting at anyone who would listen...."Help!!! mercenaries, priests! Sorcerors, I've got coin to be earned! Where be this Blackfoot Clan I heard of?"

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New Begining

By kevin327 | September 19, 2015

Merrick sits by the fountain that's in front of the Mythndale Manor, he saw Jade after the hunt he went on last eve, He sits starring at the swirling water ... Its been awhile since he has seen Jade. He cannot deny that the site of her took his breath a bit. She iwas different yet the same... yet... still beautiful... still alluring .. still intriguing... still... He sat there looking at the swirling waters... then it struck him.. he understood a bit more of what he was thinking. Merrick smiled... a genuine smile.. for once something was making a bit of sense... he liked this feeling. " well, now to do something about it" he said aloud. He raised himself up and went in search of a particular person....

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Death to the King

By Bella Morta | September 18, 2015

His eyes were like fogged glass, his mannerisms like clockwork. Their heads moved in unison to the sounds around them, cocking their heads and shuffling their bodies through turns to appear to look towards a voice. They were like figurines in a music box, each limb bending and twisting to the sounds that played around them. Quinn and Kiara looked so fragile in that moment.

Kairi was pleasantly surprised at the sight of Quinn and Kiara, as she had brought up a new found friend from the Underdark whom she had convinced that this demon, Quinn, would be an obstacle for. This vicious drow, Kel'atar, was the perfect specimen of pride and testosterone to throw against Quinn. One so much like the other, she knew they would have to engage each other in a battle for territory, like lions during mating season. This was her chance to rid herself of her pain, not of a broken heart, but the pain she repeatedly suffered every time she saw Quinn with another woman. It was no longer her pain she felt, but theirs, knowing what their future would bring.

Words were exchanged between the two, beating their chests claiming dominance. Kel'atar struck, catching Quinn off guard as he was succumbed to his blindness. The scuffle continued, Quinn moving himself away from Kiara and gaining strength and sight as he did so. The battle was taken down the road as Quinn was trying to regain his composure. Kiara cried out for them to stop, but she couldn't see that they had already gone out of hearing distance. Kairi took this moment to distract Kiara, as she didn't want anyone to throw themselves between this battle.

"May I ask, what is wrong with Quinn when he's around you? His eyes are unseeing, and he looks so....weak."

Kiara shook her head sorrowfully. "He does this to himself. He says he can't help it, when he's around me." she replied.

"Interesting." Kairi thought. She wanted to get more information, but Quinn came walking up the path, victorious in unleashing his fury on the Drow, who seemingly had to submit to the demon's strength. Kairi was disappointed. She thought this would be the end. She turned her back to Kiara and walked hastily past Quinn, to see the state of the drow. Kel'atar was picking himself up, planning to return home. This wasn't the end for him, he was going to finish what had been started. Kairi told him he had done well, and vowed to assist in any way she could. She even offered her guard, Anlyth, as a decoy to be used by Kel'atar.

Even still, Kairi knew that brute strength was not going to take this demon down. She knew what would...she had come close before. She knew of his weaknesses, and now, knew of one more. Kiara would work, she thought, whether she agreed to or not. But in this instance, Kairi knew that this was something she would have to do herself. She wielded the weapon, a gift from this 'King of All' given to her long ago. She knew of his tattoo, his source of whatever it power? She didn't quite understand it, but she knew it had a connection to his state of being. And then there was Kiara, who would unknowingly open the doorway to being able to sneak up unnoticed, until it was too late. She knew she had to act quietly, swiftly, and without hesitation. Thus the planning commenced.

It was the next day. She spotted the duo at the square, where they usually performed their fragile dance. Quinn and Kiara, tilting and twisting their heads as they tried to zone into the sounds around them while whispering to each other. The motions made Kairi uncomfortable, as it was reminiscent of a puppet show she had seen when young. She didn't make herself aware, and headed home, to prepare. Anlyth was beside her, as he always seemed to be, whether she wanted it or not. She removed her shoes, and grabbed the dragonfang dagger she held so dear to her heart. She never had thought she would ever commit murder...that was something she hired out, something she did not want the burden of carrying. And her reputation was of utmost importance. But this had to be done, she thought, if she were ever to be at peace again.

She had trained for this moment for a long time. With Kairi, there was always a backup plan. So she and her guard quietly moved through the streets of Narrowhaven, staying within the shadows as they walked. Luckily the roads remained quiet. Fate was so far on her side. They came to the inn, sneaking around it until the duo at the well was in plain sight, their backs turned to them. Kairi stood and hesitated a moment, reaching into her waistband to pull out her dagger, gripping the comforting handle tightly as she waited. Quinn and Kiara began to discuss something, their voices soft though there was heat within the words. Kairi nodded her head toward the two, signaling Anlyth that they should proceed. The two quietly stepped across the cobbled road, making sure to keep their paces slow and random. They got close enough to be standing directly behind the man in red, the unseeing demon distracted by his love's words. Kairi extended her arm out from her side as far as she could, dagger in hand pointing toward her. She leveled her arm to match the dagger point up with the tattoo's "bullseye" she had seen on Quinn's torso. Then she took one giant step forward, thrusting her arm around Quinn and bending it so that the dagger penetrated. Anlyth gagged Quinn with a cloth at the same time that Quinn had been stuck, muffling his sounds. Kairi stepped aside, leaving the dagger and Quinn's collapsing frame to her guard to support. As these actions were carried out, Kairi exclaimed "Kiara! You are looking lovely today!" and walked past Anlyth who was dragging Quinn back to then throw him over his shoulder. She faced Kiara now, keeping her attention in front of her as a death was occuring behind her. She saw the confusion on Kiara's face and whispered, "I guess Quinn didn't like my guard. They've run off to play, hehe." She nods to Anlyth who's bent over frame proceeds to carry the corpse slowly around to the back of the inn. "Ah well. Now that my guard's distracted I will run to the bank and grab my shovel. Another map for a possible treasure, and I can't risk bringing him along in case he's a theif in disguise, hehe."

Kiara smiles feintly, dipping her head in farewell. Kairi goes to the bank and grabs her shovel. "Hehe" she thought "At least some of it was truth." As she exits the bank she says farewell to Kiara and pretends to depart down the road. Once out of hearing range, she scurries through the grass to the back of the inn. Anlyth laid Quinn's corpse out on the grass, awaiting Kairi's next order. She walks over to it, pulls the dagger from Quinn's wound, and hands Anlyth the shovel. "Bury him six feet deep" she says. "Oh, and after you are done, you're free." She turns her back to him and the corpse, dagger held tightly in hand.

The journey home was a blur. She could barely remember walking up her stairs and into the bathroom, but her eyes fixated on her reflection in the mirror. Her face was stern, eyes seeming to tear through her with anger. She held her daggerhand up, blade stained with drying blood. She was a murderer now, soiled to the soul with corruption. Without willing it, her hand raised up, the point of the dagger hovering in front of her eye. She watched the reflection as the dagger pierced her flesh, beginning just under her lower eyelid and running down her cheek, stopping just in line with where her nose ends. The blood on the blade mixed with hers, the slice in her face too thin to bleed out but closing up as beads of red try to fuse the seem together again. Her scar, to remind her of her mistakes, however many this one had caused. She dropped the dagger into the washbasin, and filled it up with water. Then, she turned to go to her bed, and crawled into it still fully clothed, the beaded blood on her cheek staining her bedpillow. She then sleeps, for what seems like weeks.

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*A sign posted in the Narrowhaven bank*

By Lancelyn | September 18, 2015

Looking for a priest for a wedding.

Contact Lancelynn Vendala

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Crawling… …..

By kevin327 | September 16, 2015

As the man slowly crawls through the deep woods... eyes wide open yet blinded by he knows not what ... he can see clearly ..yet everything is foggy...where is he ? why is he here?... what bothers him the most... who is he?...
His mouth is so dry... his muscles ache ... his blood feels as if on fire... every breath strains every fiber of his lungs... He collapses again.... yet after a moment he strains to rise up and crawl some more... where is he even going?
All these questions keep repeating themselves over and over... he knows not the answers so.... he just crawls on...

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[9/10/2015] Server Update

By TheGuy | September 10, 2015

- Added Balron Trophy
- Removed spawned bosses with no keys from map
- Pulp no longer require a recipe scroll to craft
- Pulp now requires 10 skill to craft
- Blank Scroll no longer require a recipe scroll to craft
- Alchemy powders no longer require a recipe scroll to craft
- Alchemy Nerco potions requirements set back to default uo requirements
- Herb gathering: Min/Max gathered total set form 1-5 to 10-30.
- Herb gathering: Respawn min/Max total set form 20-30 mins to 10-20 mins.
- Herb gathering: Greatly increased herb drop rate.
- Made sure all powders were being used with Glyphs for main gems
- Adjusted glyph powders
- Check all the Recipe blueprints and found a number of missing blueprints, added all the missing ones in!!

NOTE: I'm not sure if the server has been restarted yet for these. But they will show up when it gets restarted.

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By Talow | September 10, 2015

Turn the Anti Macro code back off.
-Turning it on was a test to see how well or not it worked for our shard. Due to the nature of our shard being role play this was not welcomed at the end of the day. Due to many reason, most of which it not being fun for our players, it has been deemed annoying and turned back off.

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Wedding of Silasae and Engale

By arzosha | September 8, 2015

(On the 4th invite only the two got married and heres a exert from the it.. mostly vows and such becouse there just too pretty to not share)

a priest: *nods to them both, and smiles.*

Constance: rtow an acurate small rock on Jorge to wake him up

Silasae Laflyth: *turns to the holy man*

Jorge Ironarm: *looks at the rock bouncing off his armor then stares t the thrower for a minute*

Constance: *do a grin to the man*

Jorge Ironarm: *then goes back to watching*

Engale Strace: *places his hand in sil's hand.*

a priest: Good people of Nerrowhaven, we bring together today two people who have found their way through

Lancelynn Vendala: *looks at thronna a minute and frowns, then goes bck to watching smiling*

a priest: a most terrible storm.

a priest: Our world is in termoil, and yet these two have found themselves here today;

a priest: love reaches though the hands of the Natural Gods, and we honor that today.

a priest: Love shall bind them against that destruction, and against all.

Silasae Laflyth: *does her best to not figit or anything else silly as she listens*

a priest: They shall take a vow that stands with eternity, beyond this world, the next, and all in between.

Engale Strace: *smiles and holds her hand a bit tighter.*

Engale Strace: beyond

a priest: Now, I understand you have prepared your own vows to one another?

Silasae Laflyth: *nods*

Silasae Laflyth: y.. yes

Engale Strace: *nods softly.*

Engale Strace: We have.

a priest: The groom may recite his vows.

Engale Strace: *shakes his head*

Engale Strace: We take our vows together.

Lancelynn Vendala: *steals a quick glance at thronna and says some things under his breath*
Silasae Laflyth: *nods*

Engale Strace: *turns towards sil softly*

a priest: *nods and smiles again.*

Silasae Laflyth: *turns to engale*
Engale Strace: *nods to her*

Engale Strace: Beyond
Engale Strace: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *takes a deep breath and smiles at him, her voice when she spoke held nothing childish in it*

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Darkest Hour

Engale Strace: *his voice happy and soft as he speaks his words.*

Kairi Vel: *frowns*

Engale Strace: In Our Deepest Despair

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Trials

Engale Strace: And Our Tribulations

Silasae Laflyth: Through Our Doubts

Engale Strace: And Our Frustrations

Leoben Jalas: *whisper* They are so cute

Silasae Laflyth: In our Violence

Engale Strace: In Our Turbulence

Silasae Laflyth: Through our Fear

Engale Strace: And Our Confessions

Silasae Laflyth: In Our Anguish And Our Pain

Engale Strace: Through Our Joy And Our Sorrow

Silasae Laflyth: In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow

Constance: *seem to have an emotion*

Constance: *a tear peak out an eye*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffles as with him she speaks the final lines*

Engale Strace: *nods softly to her*

Silasae Laflyth: I'll Never Let You Part For You're Always In My Heart

Engale Strace: I'll Never Let You Part For You're Always In My Heart

Isidora O'Hearn: *stares at them in awe*

Silasae Laflyth: *then much softer*

Lancelynn Vendala: *watches and bows his head hoping no one notices his eyes*

Silasae Laflyth: Always, beyond and forever

Engale Strace: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffles tears in her eyes*

Constance: *try to reach leoben hand*

Engale Strace: Always, beyond and forever.

Isidora O'Hearn: *raises her palms to gentle cover her mouth, as she's been jawdropping*

Engale Strace: One moment before we continue. my love...
Silasae Laflyth: *a soft nod*

Jorge Ironarm: *looks into the distance*

Leoben Jalas: i hate this wind, i think i got sand in my eye

Engale Strace: Sister, brother, Constance, Leoben...

Engale Strace: *smiles happy to them all*

Isidora O'Hearn: *looks at them*

Constance: *cries*

Lancelynn Vendala: *looks up and smiles*

Thronna Strace: *smiles up at her brother*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *purrs softly something close to real 'human' smile on her lips*

Leoben Jalas: *smile*

Engale Strace: While uncomfortable as this is

Jorge Ironarm: *smiles*

Engale Strace: *pulls at the collar on his neck*

Thronna Strace: *giggles softly*

Constance: *her tears wet all her fancy dress*

Engale Strace: I can not wait to hear how you love the other.

Lancelynn Vendala: *smirks wiping the tears from his eyes*

Engale Strace: I think I finally understand what this is about now brother, thank you.

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles and nods*

Engale Strace: *wipes his eyes a bit and turns to sil.*

Engale Strace: If they love eachother half as much as we are in love...

Engale Strace: Time will stop before love is gone from this relm.

Silasae Laflyth: *nods forcefully*

Silasae Laflyth: Yes the Realms will fade before Love does

Engale Strace: *nods to her*

a priest: Engale, as you place the ring on Silasae's finger, please repeat after me:

Engale Strace: *turns his head toward bleu*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *pads up pulling from a pocket two rings and holds them out to him*

Engale Strace: *holds a hand out towards bleu as she settels takeing the rings, handing sil one...*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *the ribbion they were tied together with was a bit. chewed on it seemed*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *hastily beats a retreat out of line of sight*

Engale Strace: *before grasping the other in his hand*

Silasae Laflyth: *takes the ring trying to not giggle*

a priest: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

Engale Strace: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

a priest: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

Constance: *cries*

Engale Strace: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

a priest: My everlasting dedication.

Engale Strace: My everlasting dedication.

a priest: and a promise of all of my tomorrows.

Engale Strace: and a promise of all my tomorrows.

Engale Strace: *slides the ring onto her finger.*

Silasae Laflyth: *sniffle*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles*

Silasae Laflyth: *is trying to not cry...bearly making it*

Constance: *snif*

a priest: Silasae, as you place the ring on Engale's finger, please repeat after me:

Engale Strace: *smiles his blind eyes showing more emotion than his lips.*

a priest: With this ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

Silasae Laflyth: With this Ring, I marry you and bind my life to yours.

a priest: It is a symbol of all that we will endure, and all of our love.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: with everyone focased on the couple slowly inches forward twords Engale..

Silasae Laflyth: It is a symbol of all that was will endure, and all of our love.

a priest: My everlasting dedication.

Silasae Laflyth: My Everlasting dedication.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *stops and shifts positions*

a priest: and a promise of all of my tomorrows.

Constance: *try to calm herself and looks around*

Silasae Laflyth: and a promise of all of my Tomorrows.

Constance: *suddenly nervous*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles at sil*

Silasae Laflyth: *slips the ring onto his finger*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *blinks slowly, eyes half lidded the runes on her body just bearly glowing as did the small gems*
Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *studding her dog collar*
Constance: *looks curious at rashara*

a priest: Two now one, against the destruction that stands before all: veru, together for eternity.

Thronna Strace: *smiles and wipes a tear from her eye*

a priest: I now pronounce you husband and wife.

a priest: You may kiss eachother.

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *eyes only on engale as natures magic gathered to her runes.*

Lancelynn Vendala: *smiles and wipes the tears from his eyes*
Silasae Laflyth: *breks into a silly grin*

Lancelynn Vendala: [spea tiefling

Engale Strace: *holds her around the small of her back, and the back of her neck.*

Engale Strace: *gives a silly gring of his own, before dipping her into a lovely kiss*

Leoben Jalas: *applauds*

Silasae Laflyth: *hands rest on his hips and kisses him back*
Constance: *applauds*

Lancelynn Vendala: *applauds*

Lancelynn Vendala: Inignis Develio

Thronna Strace: *applauds*

Isidora O'Hearn: *applauds*

Thronna Strace: *looks over at lance and nods*

Kairi Vel: *applauds*

Jorge Ironarm: *applauds*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *with that distraction steps forward a single glide tostand just to teh side of engale.*

Silasae Laflyth: *doesent come up for breath.. yet seems to have forgotten everyone*

Engale Strace: *keeps his lips pressed with sil's also seeming to have forgoten the company.*

Lancelynn Vendala: *sneaks over and sits on the ground by thronna*

Constance: *crys*

Constance: *cries*

Thronna Strace: *looks over to lance and smiles softly*

Kairi Vel: they do their honeymoon up there too?

Leoben Jalas: Oh my love come in my arms

Constance: *rush to leoben harms*

Silasae Laflyth: ...

Kairi Vel: *scrunches her nose at the cluster of couples*

Silasae Laflyth: *slowly trys to pull back as voices penitrate*

Leoben Jalas: *take constance in his arms*

Jorge Ironarm: *sighs and looks away*

Engale Strace: *leans up softly*

Engale Strace: Oh right....

Constance: *prostrate herself inside leoben arms and wet his tunic*

Engale Strace: *blushes and stands sil back up.*

a priest: *coughs, a little louder than is acceptable.*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *reaches out a sngle finger and just touches engales shirt as teh runes light up as did the gems.*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *eyes swing to sil*

Lancelynn Vendala: *reaches up and holds thronna's hand*

Constance: *get up and dry her face*

Constance: *trying to arange her hair not to be a complete mess so soon*

Thronna Strace: *holds lances hand and smiles softly to him then looks back up to brother and sissy*

a priest: May you both walk in the grace of the Natural Gods, and stand against the storm.

Silasae Laflyth: *smiles at engale and turns that smile to teh priest*

Silasae Laflyth: Thank you

Engale Strace: *nods softly*

Kairi Vel: *frowns again*

Engale Strace: *eyes close for a moment.*

Engale Strace: *opens his eyes and smiles.*

Constance: *puts a hand on her stomac and seem quite hungry*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *finger drops then her form shifts*

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *the grey mouse scurryed up engales clothing to his shulder*

Constance: *looks at the rat and smile*

Silasae Laflyth: *blinks*

Silasae Laflyth: *looks over and sighs softly*

Engale Strace: *makes no move and lets the rat sit on his shoulder.*

Engale Strace: *tilts his head*

Engale Strace: um... are we done?

Rashara Les Yeux Bleus: *settles there blinking slowly*

a priest: *chuckles and nods.*

a priest: Yes. We are done.

Silasae Laflyth: Thank you again!

Engale Strace: *nods*

Engale Strace: Thank you.

Engale Strace: Then i guess it's time to move them all..

Silasae Laflyth: *giggles*

Constance: *frown at the tought*

Silasae Laflyth: Reception!

Engale Strace: *laughs*

Silasae Laflyth: Food and Drinks

Engale Strace: Sissy

Silasae Laflyth: Please everyone we have food and Drinks weaiting for you all at the Cafe

Silasae Laflyth: *nods to sissy*

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