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Required Download .NET Framework (Razor needs this!)
Required Download Razor
Required Download UO Client (SA 2D
Required Download UO Roleplay Music
Required Download UO Roleplay Files

Step 1 – Download the required files and save them on your computer.

Step 2 – Install the UO Client (SA 2D Do NOT PATCH YOUR GAME CLIENT!
NOTE: You MUST download & use the client from our website. If you download & use any other client it will not work.

Step 3 – Extract into your UO Client directory overwriting the old files.

Step 4 – Install Microsoft .NET Framework. This is required for Razor to run.

Step 5 – Install Razor.

Step 6 – Download and install the UO Roleplay files into the Ultima Online client file folder

Step 7 – Then head on over to the forums and introduce your self!

Step 8 – Lastly, launch the game using razor. Make sure to type in the server address like below. Here is a great site for coming up with character names!

Port: 2593