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UO Roleplay is a world like none other! Ultima Online Roleplay is a free MMORPG with a truly custom & unique gamming experience that is truly fun! With custom maps, items, and so much more, you will have lots of fun playing here! Start by checking out our website, then head on over to the forums to get to know the community, & then go to the download page to get started! We can’t wait to see you in game!

Feature List

– Stygian Abyss Expansions
– Imbuing
New maps
– Over 4000 new game art images
– Over 1500 new weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry, & offhand items
Race/Class/Alignment System
Over 500 Unique Artifacts
– New Hair & Beard styles
– New game client interface
– Highly customized and balanced world
– No Neon colors
– No Uber Items
– Custom Quests
– New buildings & castles
– New character starting location
– Haven is now Ocllo
– Ability to own unique houses or build your own
HUGE rare items system
Huge customized crafting & harvesting system
– Crafting over time system
– Passive Skill Gain
Socket system
– Set item bonuses
– Unique hidden dungeon system
– New monsters
– Custom Title System
– Countless small things which add depth, detail, and immersion to the world
Treasure maps on all maps, random location, custom loot, and more
– And much much more…

Some unusual features you will find at UO Roleplay

– Double Click to equip/unequip items
– Item Identification
Item rarity color (green, blue, purple, & orange)
Hunger/Thirst effect skill gain
– Mounts not rideable in buildings
Destruction system
– Dungeon doors that can be lock picked or bashed in with weapons
– Killable guards
– Night and day system
Trap Crafting
New Taxidermy
– Extensive food and harvesting system
– New resources (Ores, Leather, Scales, Wood, Fish)
– LOTS of new craftable items
Crafting Recipes & Resource Recipes
World Chat with IRC chat
Live Event Rewards / Community – Contribution Rewards / Veteran Rewards
– Sell magic weapons & armor to vendor for more gold
– Sell weapons & armor with rare resources to vendors for more gold
– And much much more…

Currently Under Development

– Reworking of the XML Quests
– Spawning & decorating on map02
– Character Profile
– Armor artifacts
– Major server quest/story line development
– Race/Class System
– Title System
– Item descriptions